Graduate Student Forum

Description Requirements in Patent Law Especially in Biopharmaceutical Industry

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 | 9:00 - 9:45 (JST)
Zoom Meeting
  • Liu Yifan Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
  • Masayuki Tamaruya Professor, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
Event Description

Biotechnology-related inventions are inventions in the technical field where it is difficult to predict the effect based on the structure or characteristics of an object, and the standard of the description requirements is often unobvious.

Her presentation addresses this problem by introducing what are description requirements(enablement requirement,support requirement, and clarity requirement) in japan and previous studies in this area, and explaining why it is hard to decide whether inventions meet the requirements or not in biopharmaceutical industry.

By giving examples of biotechnology related cases in japan, especially one of recent cases in 2018 that has sparked a lot of discussion, she will be making an analysis of these cases and giving a short conclusion.

About the Speaker

LIU Yifan is a Ph.D student in Intellectual Property Law at The University of Tokyo(Japan). She holds LL.B degree from Wuhan University of China, LL.M degree from Hokkaido University.

Her doctoral research revolves mostly around the areas of patent law (in particular patent description requirements) in Japan and United States.